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Automate Your Token Liquidity, Trackers-listing and Progress

Automated market making, coin-trackers listing,
and progress managing. Make a perfect
cryptocurrency easily.

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Solves token-issuer pains

Free AMM, Forms auto-filling, Visual Board of achievements and steps.
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    Automated Market Making
    Automate market-making to support liquidity and good spreads for your token. Also, it keeps a coin always active to attract organic buyers.
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    Automated Trackers Filling
    Allow submitting CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and all the rest trackers easily. So, enter data just once instead of filling out many different forms. As a result, save your time and money.
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    Automated Progress Tree
    The Gantt chart sorts out the process of making a successful coin. Besides, you get a visual structure of all steps with subsequences and interdependencies.
  • Market making
  • Coin-trackers
  • Progress Tree

Market Making
Trackers Auto Filling
Progress Tree
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  • Autotrading Mobile
  • Coin Trackers Mobile
  • Progress Automation Mobile


Thanks to the TokenListed tools, a token issuer automates vital aspects of a successful cryptocurrency.
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    Customize trading bot. So, it allows defining one reference price for all markets, low spreads, market depth, BIDs/ASKs, and more.
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    Trackers Auto-filling
    Speed up and simplify a token listing on CMC, Coingecko, and +10 other coin trackers. Therefore, you can forget about tons of manual entering.
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    Progress Automation
    Streamline your goals and workflows. So, the tasks for updating explorers, verifying on trackers, and adding a token to crypto wallets are always on schedule.

Work with

API connected with cryptocurrency exchanges, trackers, and explorers.
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Choose the plan that's right for your growing crypto business.
  • AMM (Automated Market-Making)
  • Auto forms-filling for coin-trackers
  • Dynamic Progress Tree
  • Plus +
  • AMM (Automated Market-Making)
    1 exchange
  • Auto forms-filling for coin-trackers
    4 trackers
  • Dynamic Progress
  • AMM (Automated Market-Making)
    2 exchanges
  • Auto forms-filling for coin-trackers
    6 trackers
  • Dynamic Progress
  • AMM (Automated Market-Making)
    5 exchanges
  • Auto forms-filling for coin-trackers
    11 trackers
  • Dynamic Progress
  • Plus +
    Auto-filling of circulation supply forms for CMC and CG
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  • AMM (Automated Market-Making)
  • Auto forms-filling for coin-trackers
  • Dynamic Progress
  • Plus +
    Personal manager

Supporting your altcoin growth every step of the way

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Get the most out of to focus on your blockchain startup without limits.
Support anytime, anywhere
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Average response time


What's the TokenListed?
The TokenListed is an all-in-one platform for automated Market Making, Coin-trackers Listing, and Progress controlling. Therefore, it helps token issuers save time and money while growing altcoins. TokenListed owes a significant part of its development and strategic direction to the expertise of Vasilii Silin, our former CEO who boasts a rich seven-year history in the crypto industry. Vasilii played a pivotal role by authoring the technical assignment for the TokenListed platform, laying the groundwork for a system that seamlessly integrates automated market making, coin-tracker listing, and progress control. His vision has been instrumental in creating a robust platform that empowers token issuers to efficiently scale their altcoins while optimizing both time and financial resources.
What's Market Making?
Market Making (MM) is a process of liquidity creation. It helps to control the price of the crypto-asset by placing trade orders on exchanges.
Can I automate token trading on DEX?
Yes, TokenListed's bot interacts with PancakeSwap and Uniswap decentralized exchanges (DEX) via API.
Can I automate token trading on CEX?
Yes. Note that a centralized exchange must have a trading API.
Can I support the same token price on many different exchanges?
Yes, you can set a reference price. It can be a price from one of the listed exchanges, Coingecko, CMC, Etherscan, or Bscscan. So, the bot will follow that price while keeping a required spread. For example, a price automatically increases on CEX when it grows on PancakeSwap or vice versa.
Does TokenListed help a token to get verification on CMC & CG?
Yes. Getting a token verification on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko is a two-step process. The first step is to provide a token with good liquidity and daily trade volume on crypto exchanges. The second step includes filling out the trackers' forms correctly. So, TokenListed helps your cryptocurrency to complete these two steps in automated mode, fast and with minimal expenses.